Iris in Edina comic book

Iris in Edina | Illustration/Design, Print

My new comic is still at the printer, but here's a sneak peek at the covers.

Katrina Music Project book

Katrina Music Project | Art Direction/Design, Print

I was honored to design Photographer Dove Shore's new book, which is filled with portraits of musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina. Majority of profits will go to charity.

The Big Pretend album cover art

Big Pretend album cover | Photo Illustration, Print

DJ Morty from the band All Day Sucker hit me up for help on their new album cover. He sculpted all those little LA landmarks out of clay himself. Cherie Roberts shot 'em, and I ran with 'em.

BPM magazine Issue 90

BPM Issue 90 | Art Direction/Illustration, Print

Very excited about the new issue -- Here's a sneak peek. I directed the shoot for the hipster photo collage, and created the two-tone illustration for the cover on the right.

BPM magazine Issue 88

BPM Issue 88 | Art Direction/Design, Print

The new issue is on newsstands -- check it out.

Savant Garde font design

Savant Garde | Design, Typeface

I modified Avant Garde as a personal project. Savant Garde will be available soon as a free download.

BPM magazine Issue 87

BPM Issue 87 | Art Direction/Design, Print

I'm going to start updating the site when each new BPM comes out. I <3 New Young Pony Club -- aw.

Nerdcore identity

Nerdcore Identity | Art Direction/Design, Identity

Nerds don't really wear taped glasses anymore, but that doesn't mean it's not an iconic image. Dork pride!

Ninja Number comic book

Ninja # | Art Direction/Design, Print

Edmund and I made a comic. Consequently, I made this cover (and the Throw Boss identity for extra credit).

BPM magazine covers

BPM Covers | Art Direction/Design, Print

Some of my faves.

Geek Magazine logo and identity

Geek Monthly Business Cards | Art Direction/Design, Print

Naming your magazine Geek makes a statement. So do these cards. The back of every card was customized and lists each employee's favorite obsessions.

Geek magazine design

Geek Monthly Various | Art Direction/Design, Print

Some favorite layouts from my run at Geek Monthly. Playful stuff.

Jason here. I'm a freelance artist and designer working in Hollywood, Califorina. I'm also the Art Director of BPM magazine.
If I'm not working, I'm drawing, gaming, composing or exploring.

It's my goal to solve the world's design problems alongside the most creative, intelligent and passionate people I can find.

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